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Time travel & area analytics

Time travel tool is here to illustrate how hotspot population changed in any given area over time. Increase in hotspots in an area will affect reward scaling and thus HNT earning potential per hotspot. Too many hotspots in a hexagon in any resolution will have a detrimental effect on the earnings of every hotspot in the area.

Every hotspot owner should be aware of how quickly the hotspot population changes in an area. As soon as an area is too densely populated with hotspots, the HNT earnings drop dramatically for all hotspots in the area.

A good illustrative example is hotspot population growth in Lisbon in 2021.

From Map navigate to Time travel in the bottom right corner.


Use the calendar to pick a date you want to review. Example below shows Lisbon area on 25 November 2021


VS Lisbon area on 1 Jan 2021.