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Hotspot manufacturers metrics

Video Introduction

Hotspotty is a one-stop-shop tool to help you order, install and manage your hotspots. We partner with hotspot manufacturers and provide you with real-time analytics of hotspots based on 'maker' performance and popularity within any given area.

To see area analytics split by hotspot maker, first sign in with Discord. From Map view, navigate to Hotspots and proceed to the Makers tab in the top left corner.

Below is an example of hotspot population split by makers in the greater Nottingham area. To the left you see a list of hotspot makers ranked by the total number of hotspots within the area being analyzed.


Click on a maker.

The maker analytics dashboard shows the total number of hotspots by the maker that are added to the blockchain, the total number of activated hotspots and the total number of the maker's hotspots in the area analyzed. When you order your hotspots, it's important to understand the type of hotspots that will work in your area and any potential maker production constraints and current stock supply.

In the Links tab we link to the maker's SoMe channels, website and support pages. Click on Purchase hotspot to go directly to the maker's web shop.


We recommend that you do your research carefully before deciding on a maker to purchase from. Supply chain problems and delivery delays are not uncommon, and Hotspotty does not take any responsibility for order delays or hardware issues.