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hotspotty docs


Hotspotty is a tool that will help you order, deploy and manage your helium hotspots. Whether you're simply considering buying your first hotspot or you have a fleet, Hotspotty is here to make it simple and profitable for you to participate in the Helium ecosystem.

Getting started

If you're just starting out in the Helium ecosystem and have a few hotspots or want to become a hotspot owner we recommend you start with the below guides:


To have a smooth and successful experience using Hotspotty to manage your hotspots installation data and any associated payments, we recommend the below guides:

Visualize & Understand

Planning & Optimizing

Monitoring & Managing

Team & Community Collaboration

Payment Management


If you're managing a fleet of hotspots we recommend you utilise the advanced features of Hotspotty described in the below guides:


Hotspotty is a freemium service. You can learn more about the pricing below: