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Analytics dashboard

Dashboard portfolio overview

Unlock the dashboard analytics by connecting to Discord and verifying your wallet. During wallet verification the standard setting is to track the hotspots associated with the wallet.

If you navigate to the Wallets tab, you can add and remove wallets you want to track in your dashboard.

The main dashboard displays total balance and gives you an option to filter by hotspot status and parameters such as transmit scale and install status.


Further down you see how much HNT your hotspots are generating over different time periods and your rewards split by type.


Attentions and warning list

Continue further, and you'll see the hotspots that require your attention. This section notifies you about any potential issues that your tracked hotspots are facing. For example, this section will show hotspots that are offline, relayed, without height setting, and hotspots with terrible transmit scale.

This section notifies you of issues that are affecting your earning potential and should be addressed.