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Manage wallets

Add your wallet

To enjoy the full capabilities of Hotspotty, you need to login with your Discord account and verify your Solana wallet. This will unlock features such as being able to communicate with other hotspot owners on the network and allow them to communicate with you.


From the main map view, click Sign in with Discord in the top right corner. If you do not have a Discord account, you will be asked to create one using your email.

After signing in with Discord, we advise that you add and verify your wallet. This will unlock access to a broader range of Hotspotty tools, e.g. help you plan your locations to ensure an even distribution of the Helium Network and in effect greatest earning potential for all.


Add your Solana wallet address and decide if you want to track all the hotspots associated with the Solana address. If not, untick the box. You can always add or remove individual hotspots associated with the wallet, should you decide not to track a selection of hotspots associated with a wallet.


Wallet payment transactions

Incoming payments are shown underneath your wallet list.

TX AMOUNT: Amount sent by the sender. Keep in mind that a transaction can have multiple recipients and does not always represent the amount you received. Open the details of the transaction for more details.

MEMO: Short message from the sender.