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Remote diagnostics

With the upgrade to Light Hotspots, the IP addresses of hotspots are no longer available, removing the ability to perform real time hotspot status checks through ping tests.

By working directly with hotspot Makers on direct API integrations we can bring real-time hotspot diagnostics back and surface it in a standardized way to hotspot owners for all of their hotspots through:

By providing access to this data to hotspot owners we will improve their troubleshooting experience and reduce the support burden for Makers.

Through Hotspotty’s remote diagnostics, you’ll be able to check the status in real-time for performance-related data like its last packet transmitted, its temperature, internet speed, etc.

You’ll find this under Diagnostics when you click on a device. Note - we can only offer remote diagnostics to makers that chose to take part in the program. You’ll know which hotspots offer the data by looking for the Remote Diagnostics flag on the hotspot. You can also see exactly which makers are part of the program by the Remote Diagnostics flag in the Makers sidebar.

Remote diagnostics section

One important thing to note - we can only provide remote diagnostics for makers that choose to partner with us via our Maker Partnership Program. If you don’t see diagnostics for your maker, please ping them and let them know you’d like to see them participate!

In case your hotspot supports remote diagnostics, you can get a report like this:

Remote diagnostics report